We will have one spectacular recital late April or early May.  It is held in The Claudia Crosby Theater at Troy University and is a celebration of a year of hard work. We are tentatively planning for the dancers to have costumes this year but we will be watching the Covid situation before we make a decision. Costumes generally run between $75 - $85.  A $40 non-refundable deposit is due in January. Any props or accessories will be provided by the studio. Tights and shoes are not included in the costume cost.

Each year we have a souvineer playbill. It is truly a beautiful piece of artwork. Each routine is pictured in the book as a memory of your classmates and individuals demonstrating their year of accomplishments. This is a keepsake for all to cherish for years to come. We will have some on display in the studio for you to see after Christmas! Students can purchase 1/4 page or a full page ad that features their picture (or pictures) and a message from their family or sponsor. We will have a photoshoot during classtime in late March or early April. Details will be given in January. Children (and moms too) learn so much during the photo shoot: how the costume is to be worn, how to secure headpieces, how to style hair and apply theatrical make-up. This is like a wardrobe rehearsal for the show.

Our annual recital will be held in late April or early May.  In January we will make a request for The Claudia Crosby Theater at Troy University.  Requests can only be made 180 days in advance. We will release the dates and all recital details as soon as we have them!  There is a $40 recital fee due February 1st to help cover the cost of the theater.  This will entitle you to 2 tickets to the recital. Additional tickets can be purchased for $10 each at the studio.  Tickets are $15 at the door.