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Well, here goes nothing! We are starting a blog here at PRJ to keep everyone up to date on what is happening around the studio, and to help the Wiregrass area get to know us a little bit better.

So first off, I'm Christina. I'm from Dothan originally. I trained in all styles of dance in my childhood. I danced as an apprentice to Patti Rutland Jazz as a senior in highschool, then went to Troy University where I was a member of the Theatre and Dance department's Repertory Dance Ensemble. I have danced internationally, and worked professionally in the U.S. On the last day of my contract as a dancer in The Lost Colony, an outdoor symphonic drama located in the Outer Banks of NC, I was terrified of not having a job lined up.. Life of an artist is stressful when you have to work contract to contract. My goal was to come back to Dothan for a month or so, find an apartment in Atlanta, and move. I wanted to get an agent and start working in the arts industry up there. Patti Simpson called me that night and asked if I would come back to help organize Santa's Workshop that Christmas. The answer is obvious... of course! It was a job! Phew! Praise the Lord!

The rest is literally history, I started dancing with the company, more responsibility was given to me managerially, and then later, the studio magic happened. PRJ was cooking with gas. Once I had been here a year there was a point where I had to really think about what all of this responsibility meant. PRJ was evolving into something huge and if I stayed on with it, I could be at the forefront of it. I had to weigh my options and honestly, Dothan wasn't too shabby. So, here we are.

Patti Rutland Jazz has been around for years. It has only been within the past 2 years however, that we have been a legitimate professional dance company. Now, when I say professional I want to make myself clear. It is my job, and the job of 11 other dancers to make amazing shows for you to enjoy. How cool is that? We are much different in DANCE STYLE and BUDGET but you could even loosely compare us to the big time ballet companys in the world. We train, rehearse, take class, perform and create. It is such a beautiful opportunity.

I have so many things that I want to put in this blog. I want Dothan to really understand what we do, who we are, and most importantly why we exist in this city. I believe that Dothan has missed out on so much good because of our lack of communication. Well the buck stops here! More coming your way!

To dance is to live--

Christina performing in Ignite

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