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Our studio is located inside a beautiful historic building that the community of Brundidge has loved since the early 1900s. What was once a glove and shirt factory is now home to Patti Rutland Jazz and features 3 state of the art dance studios.  "I have always dreamed of having a studio with floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown" said Patti Rutland Simpson.  "The ambience nurtures the creative spirit of all who dance there and the sheer beauty of the studio is so welcoming."  

Studio 1 is where our most advanced classes and workshops for the community are taught. Plans are underway to turn this space into a black box theatre so events and shows can take place within this amazing space when classes are not in session. 


Intermediate classes take place in Studio 2 as well as photo shoots for our performance team and dance students.  The artwork in studio 2 are pictures of our talented students from the 2021 - 2022 school year. Photography by Joey Meredith

Studio 3 is for our younger students.  The beautiful artwork was designed by Felicity Cousins.  Felicity along with Iliannah Cousins, Lily Simmons and Kensley Anderson added the beautiful colors to make this a perfect space for little ones.  


When you first walk in, you will be greeted by our hostess with the mostest, studio manager Barbara Leger.  We are also proud of the original artwork by actress Davis Neves that was gifted to us by Eliot Burkett.


We have 3 different parent waiting areas in which parents can wait comfortably for their dancers. Our extra large hallways provide easy access to changing areas, bathrooms and entering and exiting the studios.  


This dressing room is home to our award winning performance team.  The lockers were gifts from the building's owners Mo and Chuck Caraway.


As you can see, we are so proud of our beautiful dance space and we cannot wait for you to join us for a wonderful year of dance!

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