Reasonable classroom rules and standards are expected from students enrolled in dance classes at the PRJDC.

~ Students should arrive with sufficient time to change into dance shoes to begin class on time.

~ If students need to leave before the end of the class, they should notify the teacher before class begins. Students may not leave the classroom without first receiving permission from the teacher.


As employees of the PRJDC, teachers have the responsibility to see that their class is under control and they have the authority to dismiss students who are a disruption to the rest of the class. 


We want all of our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We will treat parents and dancers with courtesy and respect and we request the same in return.

        We expect our students to respect and support each other.  

        We expect our students to help each other and to be friends.

        Parents or students that do not contribute to the overall positive environment of the PRJ

        FAMILY will be asked to leave.


Here are a list of some simple rules that will enhance your child's learning experience:

* Pay Attention to your teacher – Don’t talk during class! 
* Food or drinks are permitted in the LOBBY ONLY. You may have snacks, but please dispose of your  trash properly.  There are breaks for water during shoe changes. Leave water bottles in the LOBBY.
* Come prepared to dance – attire, grooming, attitude, ambition, energy!



All registrants: PRJ requires automatic bill pay via credit card, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable and refunds will not be given for any reason. 


Tuition comes out automatically on the 10th of the month. Parents who wish to pay with cash or check must do so by the 10 th of the month, or tuition will be deducted from the account on file automatically on the 11th with a $20 late fee.


Parents are responsible for tuition payments for the entire school year August 27th - April 29th. Tuition for additional immediate family members, living in the same household, will be discounted 20%. The tuition rate is for the entire season (August-April). It is not based on the number of classes during a month, but on the entire duration of our season. Some months will have more/fewer classes, but tuition charges remain the same. No refunds or deductions are given if a student misses a class for any reason. Makeup classes are available for missed lessons. Please contact the office for more information. We will be closed for Labor Day, MLK Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Patti Rutland Jazz Dance Center follows the Dothan City Schools Calendar. This also includes and inclement weather closures that may occur. 



Students participating in the Recital will be required to purchase one costume for each subject. Each costume costs $70.00 or $85.00 for combination classes. We will be taking payments on costumes from August 1st-November 1st. All balances on costumes are due by November 1st. Payments can be divided over the course of those three months. All remaining balances will be deducted from the card on file on November 2nd.




As part of our dance education policies, the following are requirements for certain courses: 

-Contemporary/Modern must be currently enrolled in Ballet

-Jazz must be currently enrolled in Ballet

-Musical Theater must currently be enrolled in Jazz 

-Hip Hop is a stand alone class (no prerequisites required)

-Tap is a stand alone class (no prerequisites required)

-Pre-pointe is a class that is recommended by the student's Ballet teacher ONLY.



Girls: Leotard (Any Color)

Skirt (Optional)

Pink Tights

PInk Ballet shoes

Boys: Gym Shorts (Any Color)

Plain colored t-shirt

Black Ballet or Jazz shoes



Leotard (Any Color)

Ballet skirt (Optional)

Pink Tights

Pink ballet shoes

Level 1-5 Ballet Classes: Hair must be in a slicked back ballet bun or updo


Hip- Hop:

Pants or gym shorts 

Tank or T-shirt

Sneakers (No bare feet)

No crop-tops or booty shorts



Leotard or Tank

Dance Shorts, leggings, or tights

Tan Jazz Shoes

Level 1-4 Jazz Classes: Hair must be in a slicked back ballet bun or Ponytail



Leotard or Tank

Dance shorts, leggings or tights

Barefeet, Foot undeez or tan jazz shoes (Per teacher reccomendation)

Level 1-4 Contemporary Classes: Hair must be in a slicked back ballet bun or Ponytail



Leotard or Tank

Dance Shorts, leggings, or tights 

Black Tap Shoes 

Level 1-4 Tap Classes: Hair must be in a slicked back ballet bun or Ponytail